Airs and Graces kiddy waggon review

We were sent a basic trolly with a canopy and it came all in one box. We were tremendously excited about this product and got to work on it straight away.

In the true spirit of testing , we set our 14 year old daughter on the task of putting it together! She did it too! It was really easy to put together and the only thing she needed help on was attaching the pole which needed to be bolted nice and tight . It was up in fifteen minutes ! You can take it apart easily ( we kept the wheels attached) the whole family were able to erect it easily ( aged 10 to 43) 

In true festival family style we pimped up the waggon with sticky backed plastic, gold fringing, LEDs and a few other bits. The cushions it came with were fine and fit lovely but we did add a small cusion for when kitty might get tired and want to lay down.

The first outing was Glastonbury and it was great getting over the bumpy paths. I worried about getting through the crowds but folks were great and totally fussed over kitty and took loads of photos of her in her waggon.

It’s not the easiest thing to turn around , you need a good turning circle so we did get stuck in heavy crowds at the stage a few times. Also the pole that you use to pull it along could do with a catch or something as it doesn’t stay up when you are at a stand still. We did have a few moments where it fell and bonked someone and we tripped up over it as it lay on the floor. We created a bit of a catch for it, but something more sturdy would have been great.

It’s perfect for babies and toddlers , Kitty was 18 months and she loved been able to see around her, having the gold down canopy gave her shade and helped when sleep came and it did seem to be pretty much waterproof.

We tested it to the max at Wilderness festival where we carted two toddlers around in it, yes it was heavy but still not as bad as chasing them around the site! 

They are a good price at around £45 and the fact they fold flat very easily you can transport them easily. Even if you are tracking across site with your kit you can use them to help carry the load. We went to the proms in the park in London and pulled Kitty along in ours through the city complete with picnic chairs and baskets of food.. Plenty of room for toddler and kit! 

I’d certainly say YES! To anyone asking if they should get one.. They might not be as sturdy as some but for the price they are incredible value and they look great!


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Sonic boom was nothing aside my beating heart 

A few weeks ago we were getting with our evening when we felt and heard our house shake … It was apparently a sonic boom coming from two fighter jets that were scrambled to guide a passenger jet that was off course. A bit extremely I think, but that was the story. Anyway here’s what happened.

Well we heard the booms and it was totally terrifying.. After the first one crashed around us, I ran around the house checking on the kids so sure I was going to find one of the injured somewhere under a pile of rubble. (Keep in mind we had no idea what just shook our house from top to bottom at this stage.) meanwhile Keith frantically went to see if our new house was falling down , he came back announcing it must have been thunder. But just as he said this we gathered in the lounge and another one boomed and rattled the house from top to bottom once more! 

It was so very loud and so powerful. The door shook the most and the loudest, we naturally ran outside, where we found the entire street outside looking up and around in shock and fear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people out on our street in the 12 years we have lived here seeing neighbours actually talking to each other too was , on reflection a site as it doesn’t really happen so much around here.

Actually seeing everyone out calmed us all a bit, I think we realised it wasn’t something that had happened just our in our home and that we weren’t alone! 

Trying to get through to Gracie and mum Anne was frantic as the phone lines were all blocked .. But I desperately needed to check in on them. Watching the news told us nothing and we simply had no clue what was happening. Facebook friends across the north reported all sorts of theories; Russian planes in our airspace, Russian planes been attacked, explosions in Rothwell , a plane coming down in Doncaster ( where grace is staying) green smoke and flashes reported in Wakefield and a hijacked plane been brought down!!! None of which were confirmed of course! 

I think the not knowing was worse, would it happen again? It was so loud and so ground shaking, you could feel it in your feet and your heart.. Like when you stand next to a speaker at a concert. 
So many things were running through our heads as parents, things that we didn’t dare say out loud… were we about to witness something awful? Were we under an attack of some kind? Was there more to come? What was happening? 

The news showed nothing and we scrolled through the web for something official . Nothing was released for what seemed like an age, but in reality it was about half an hour. We found tweets from various official sources but it was all so vague, though it was becoming clearer it wasn’t explosions but a sonic boom from a fighter jet or two. ( although we had a two minute statement that night nothing else was said about it in the media)

Eventually we got through to everyone and we all calmed down. But Grace was in her own staying with a friend waiting for parents to come back and was frightened. Hard as a parent to have a frightened child that You cant get to.

Turned out William was really frightened, he said he’d thought that when the door rattled the second time that he soldiers were going to come in with guns! Typical 11 year old! But he was so shaken he has ended up sleeping next to me on the floor in a make-shift bed. He was very frightened. 

We had to watch you tube videos to find out what we could about the speed of sound so he could understand and even then he was scared to go upstairs alone… 

All seems a bit silly now but it just gave us a little insight in to the fear families must feel daily across the globe as their countries are attacked. Two big booms that’s all it was.. But it shook us much more and for much longer than the second it exploded above us. 

We talked about feeling safe and lucky as a family.. It was a good conversation to have and hopefully it will be an experience in which in retrospect will be healthy for the children. I wanted to ensure the children understood that this fear is a constant reality for many children across the globe. As frightening as it was for them (and us) it really gave them an insite into those living in daily terror from attack in their own homes.

While I’m not convinced the story they gave us in the press was what really happened that night, I do believe fighter jets were given the clearance to go at the speed of sound to whatever they were getting to. 

It made me realise, should we find ourselves under attack we would be on our own.. Phone lines would go down and the news would not tell us anything till a good time after the event. We draw comfort from been a policed and lawful society but one has to ask how far that protection would go should we really need it?  How can we be protected and looked after when a whole country would need the same level of assistance. It’s every family to themselves…scary eh? All that from a Big Bang!!!!

Conspiracy of course was rife:

Apparently there was a press gagging order released seconds after the scrambling of the jets.. Here is the conspiracy theory websites take on things :