Day in the life of a mum with a migraine! 

7am wake up, feeling good. Get the boy ready for school.

8.20am push boy out of the door kicking and screaming, blackmail him with empty promises of a download for his Xbox when he gets home.  Toddler still in bed..bonus.. drink tea. 

8.30am decide to sweep floor, get brush out of cupboard, everything collapses. Pull everything out of cupboard in a strop. Tidy cupboard! Even wiping down the dust pan and brush, vac and bottles of cleaner.. everything looks grubby! Empty overflowing plastic bag holder ( it’s supposed to hold 100 bags… fooking lying twunts) become strangely and manicly obsessed with fitting 100 plastic bags in holder. Fit 25 bags in holder and stuff rest behind the (very clean) bottles of window and surface cleaner. 

9am close cupboard door and sweep up a sleepy toddler who is very angry to have found herself waking up alone and not with her mummy besides her with her amazing milk producing boobies!

9.05am sit on sofa wrapped in blanket providing toddler with morning milk! 

9.10am cereal is provided and more tea made

9.15am wipe up spilt cereal and tea from rug. 

9.20am make mistake of asking toddler what she wants to wear…. 

9.25am toddler bounces happily downstairs in Minnie Mouse tutu dress, odd socks, two head bands, gloves and swimming cap. I shout ‘good morning’ at 18 year old.

9.30 make tea. Start cleaning kitchen and tidying up after morning chaos. 

11.30am shout to 18 year old to wake up and she responds with the response she deserves a lie in as she’s been busy all week. I want to explain a couple of hours work over two days doesn’t warrant a two day holiday .

12noon make lunch for toddler and myself, we snuggle on sofa after to watch ‘we can cook’

12.05pm I see a flashing in the corner of my eye… shit.. migraine alert. Lay head back on sofa and try pretend it’s not there. 

12.15pm flashing now has stabbing pain and I think a fairy came and tied a rope tightly around my head. Think through scenarios .. how can I get to sleep this off before it blows ! 

12.30pm body feels heavy, toddler thinks it’s the best afternoon ever, she is on her third cartoon and mummy is still sat besides her. Text 18 year old 

“Don’t suppose you could look after Kitty for me, I have migraine need to sleep it off”


12.40pm text again.. the though of standing or shouting upstairs makes me want to cry. 

12.50 hear footsteps… 18 year old arrives with questions about her iTunes account.. fake emails detected and dismissed… I ask carefully if she can look after her sister while I sleep off head ache. I’m reminded she has a cold but will do it anyway.

12.55 crawl into bed, best feeling ever . Fall into a deep sleep where the pain of the migraine sits quietly in my dreams .

1pm. “MUMMY ? ” I jump awake ” what’s matter ? Is kitty ok?” “Yeah where is the lid for the blender?” I mumble ” I don’t know I’ll look later” she tuts and stomps off, toddler in tow. 

1.05 I fall back to sleep only slightly wondering why she needs the lid for the blender.

1.25 “mummy” I jump awake ” what’s matter” ( head feels like it’s going to explode) ” look we picked some apples” toddler holds put a box of freshly picked apples for me to see. I see them through blurred eyes and mumble encouraging words about baking later. I sink back into a sleep head pounding. 

2pm “mummy? Mummy? MUMMY! ” can’t jump up anymore head has been filled with lead. I choose to groan instead ” are you getting up yet? I’ve been looking after kitty all day now and I have to go out”  I groan ” you’ve only had her an hour and woke me up three times , can’t you just let me sleep a bit.. get her jigsaws out?” ” I. Have. To. Get ready!” “When you going ?” ” about 6″ “it’s only two now” “MUMMY IVE HAD HER ALL DAY” 

2.30pm lay on sofa with quilt and pillow, toddler playing jigsaws.. cartoons playing on loop  .

3.30pm boy arrived home..”can I buy the download?”   

3.35 boy runs upstairs with my bank card.

3.45 stagger into kitchen to make toddler some choclate milk. Find a blender full of berries with a food processor lid balanced on the top. It remained unblemded… my eyes grate towards a box of apples bobbing about in a water filled toy box.. there is a vague realisation that the very same toy boy was full of bricks this morning. 

3.55pm back on sofa, toddler happily drinks chocolate  milk. I rub my foot which is throbbing from standing on the pile of toy bricks . I can hear cartoons playing , I’m not sure if it’s in my head or in the room.. I slip into the half awake sleep that all mums do.

4.30pm daughter number two arrived home and babysits. I go to bed for second time

8.30pm wake up feeling like I’ve been run over by a combine harvester. Can her husbands voice and clattering pans.

8.35pm stagger down the stairs to check everyone is ok. Step into kitchen and see the chaos! Sink over flowing with pots. A random apple crumble (still attached to the bottom of the tin) sits on the side in a beach of crumbs that spread across every surface and floor. Tea things are everywhere, leftovers on plates and pans and serving bowls fill the sides. 

8.36pm return to bed. 

8am wake up with no head ache. Kitty is sleeping next to me in yesterday’s clothes and her tea still around her mouth. I hear everyone getting ready to leave.I am pleased they are all alive and greatful I slept. 

9am I’m dressed, showered and energised. 

9pm finally sit down after clearing the mess from my ‘night off’ yes that’s right my ‘night off’ not one but two of my brood said I’d had a ‘night off’ it took me a full day to clean the house and mess. 

So I’m wondering what will happen when I go away next week for four whole days! Will the house still be standing? The thought of it gives me a headache! 

Top 10 tips on how to survive the end of the festival season.

Every year it happens, the festival season stumbles to a close and yes.. we start to sulk… ((cries like a baby)) ….we want the festival season back……images-2.jpeg

The kids are back at school and you are slipping back into normal life. The nights are getting dark so much earlier and there is no doubt that the smell of autumn is in the air.

You don’t have any more holiday to take and no one is doing anything!

You start to long for those long balmy nights, where your only problem you had was which clashing bands you would choose and if you were going to run out of cider or not before Sunday night. If Only we could have our summer back!

Here are my top tips for surviving winter as a festival goer.

1- Live music


If you are one of these festival goers for whom it is all about the music, then find a winter based festival. Many towns and cities host winter music festivals which hold gigs and live entertainment across various venues around the town or area. Our favourite is Whitby Goth weekend. There are hundreds of gigs around the town and the whole town turns into a winter festival. Folks get dressed up and simply just walk about enjoying the vibe of the town. With walk-about artists and other activities around the town you really do feel like you are at a festival…the shops in whitby are very ‘ethnic’ and ‘crafty’ so you can still buy your tie-dye t-shirts and Buddha joss stick holders like you would in a field. Also if you are brave you can even camp. There are various fields that open up for the weekend  just for the festival goers to camp and there are some very splendid bed and breakfasts. Thisevening-at-pavillion.jpg town  is famous for been the landing place of Dracula himself. For the real Gothic experience try they fabulously themed Bats and Broomsticks B&B, with coffins in the hallways, sumptuous  four poster beds and candle lit breakfasts it really does set the scene…  but you will need to book well in advance for Goth weekend! Another good alternative place to bed down is La Rosa, these guys have not only a groovy vintage B&B but the coolest caravan park ever! ( you totally have to check out the website)


2- Get Creative

20140807_162130.jpgMaybe you are an arty bod and your festival experiences are all about discovering your creative side by getting involved with workshops and craft classes. If so then get on-line and have a look what is going on in your community. You will be surprised how many workshops and classes you will find. From felting ( try Em Fountain) , ceramics, leather work, painting and drawing and even the more interesting taxidermybird_taxidermy_training_course.jpg and such! art galleries offer workshops but many of the crafts people you see in the fields at summer need to earn a living in the winter, they will be doing their classes somewhere….check them out on the web! 

3- Finding your Chi!

So do you need your morning meditation, gong bath or tai chi at sunset? If the healing fields is your favourite place at the festivals then thats easy! take your yoga mat into the garden or join a  tai chi group in your local park. If you want to find something more challenging and life changing search the web for weekend retreats . Try Barefoot Retreatsth.jpeg for weekends and days away. Run by the lovely Lousia from Barefoot festival, she provides wonderful and life affirming events, workshops and classes for all levels of experience and intrests.



3-Get the kids outdoors.

black_and_white_good_oneMaybe your a family festival Mama or Papa? do you spend your summer festival weekends discovering and playing with the kidlets? if so… time to find something to get you all back outside… try a bush craft organisation like Spinny Hollow, Geoff and the gang are regular festival Spinney_Hollow_6_day2_craft-family-spinney-hollow__vic18371468340452.jpggoers and you will find them offering workshops at many of the best kids and craft areas. Outside of festival life they have a coppice in winchester, you can visit and do so much more than they bring to the fields.. try them! Also have a look locally too, there are lots of outdoor adventures to be had, horse riding, foraging, nature trails and even the Go Ape will offer you and your 
Go-Ape-Crawley.jpglittle ones and outdoor winter activities that will keep the field sadness at bay.





4- Chat to likeminded souls

If you fell you are stuck in a world of suburbia and work and can’t find anyone you can connect with and share your festival joy. Then try an online forum. Most festivals have them and Efestivals have loads of subjects to join in on. Or follow a blog, of course you can read mine 🙂 but try following musicians, artists and festival parents for example. Festival Kidz are great as is Earth Based Fun

While all these ideas are great, if you have spent all your festival dollars over the summer and need something cheaper and easier and a bit more…. grass roots.. then try….

5- Finding some green and enjoying it.

The most lovely thing about summer festivals is the pace of lifUnknown.jpege. Just sitting and chatting with your family or friends and slipping into festival time is magic. So…..Get your wellies out and make a picnic, pack the guitar or ukulele if you have them (or a portable stereo if not). Find somewhere green and quiet and go sit, eat, sing and just chat. Invite friends, take the kids and just enjoy. Doesn’t matter what the weather is, just get wrapped up and just… sit! you could even take a tent, throw it up, hang some bunting and spend the day just existing in a field.  

sell bell tents complete with cosy stoves.. so you can even stay in your tent for the day all cosy and warm…



6- Enjoying the rain.

I know when it rains at a festival you really really want it to stop, you spend loads of time imagining how different you weekend would be if you could lounge about on the grass drinking cider and how you would be sat out around a campfire until dawn started to break…. but there is nothing more likely to bring back happy memories than the rain. The sound of rain pattering on your tent or camper van roof will always make you fell cosy and this sound will take you straight back thc60fe64392d46013be825517155d4fe3.jpgere.  So if it starts raining, sit in the conservatory if you have one, or even the car, maybe just sit in the house, turn off the telly/ radio and open the windows. Just take time to listen to the pitter patter and feel the odd splash. The smell of damp ground afterwards is pretty special too if you allow yourselves to notice..maybe put the tent up or erect a canopy ic0fb3d9a9e1fcc8a1ea5c041f6bc9a94.jpgn the garden to sit under when it rains… don’t forget to jump in muddy puddles!





7- Sitting outside no matter what the weather.

unknown-1When your friends come around for a cosy warming coffee or simply if you are all climbing the walls, just turn everything off, wrap yourself up and go sit outside. We have a couple of benches we built from wood we found at Glastonbury, its so easy to do. just find some bits of wood, some nails and get creative…
Just sitting outside with a warm drink either by yourself or with company is a very lovely thing. Try warm spiced cider or mulled wine.. maybe a hot toddy…. for added effect add….

8- Lighting A Campfire and making the most of it.

Such a simple thing, but so effective and it makes sitting out in the winter all that more appealing. Keep a stock of fire wood and kindling, even some fire lighters for ease. You can pick up metal fire pans and various fire based recepticals all over the high simages.jpegtreet these days! Need more?  why not go the whole hog and dig a fire pit. We have a  permanent fire pit in our garden, you can too and they don’t have to be ugly… dig out the turf and fill with gravel or stones, build your campfire and sit on a rug, a rustic bench ( see above) or even bring out the camping chairs. You can light a fire quickly and easily with fire lighters, kindling and logs, maybe just buy a ‘firestarter log’, just light the paper and get an hours worth of flames. Get out the marshmallows and  sausages if you are staying out for the night, maybe get on eBay and find an iron kettle and have a steady stream of hot water on the go for brews. Get some fire irons and boil soup or stews. you can stay outside for hours.

Top tip; there is nothing more magical than a campfire in the snow.



9-Celebrate festival style

43acbf6eb427ae32a41beb07900e9d4c.jpgYou have bonfire night, halloween, christmas eve and new years eve to celebrate , so invite your festival pals and do all the things listed above! get wrapped up, hang canopies, bunting and light a fire, put up a bell tent and light the stove, sit on hand made benches, share blankets, drink warming drinks, play music, sing and dance…. your festival is only a scarf away!


10- Buy your tickets

BuyTicketsHere-1024x639.pngMake use of early bird deals, book time of work and start planning. Maybe add new camping gear to your christmas list…. download a count down App and start counting down the days to your first event

Just remember its the people that make the festival vibe, that and the great outdoors!

As a great friend of mine says…..

                                       “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing “

So stop sulking and start partying.. summer will be here soon!






Crazy times but special times! 

THIS IS A LONG  POST! Don’t feel obliged  to read … It is more of a reminder for the family of  of what we have done so we don’t forget.. We had a very busy August !  

I don’t actually know where to start but I can this… August has been CRAZY! it’s HAS EVen RUN INTO SEPTEMBER! 

Let’s start from the beginning.. 

So as August broke so did the caravan! Our lovely Lola died and we travelled to Wilderness festival in a bulging van and slept in a bell tent… You can read about it in the post ‘Ynot ‘ 

We still had a great time at wilderness and the final night was spent with Tara and kids watching the wilderness orchestra.. Was a great night 

We came home from wilderness festival in Oxford and had exactly five days before we went on our Parisian  trip. 

However , things are never so simple.. The day we got home Libby ( eldest) was setting off to Budapest to a festival with her friends. 

So as we got in to the house after 2 weeks in the road it was a mad rush sorting out a tent and camping stuff as well as taking her to where she needed to be… She arrived safely the next day.

I spent the next few days booking the appartment, transfers, Disney tickets and airport hotels ready for our holiday. I also had to make sure everything was ready for Libby’s 18th birthday party, which was going to take place the day after we arrived home:

I’d booked the local golf club at the beginning of the year and did so as I knew they would set up the room and make life so much easier than hosting a party at home. 

It is a big deal when your eldest turns 18 and mr o and I were keen to host something special to bring everyone together for this special occasion.

In true O’Brien style, we wanted live  music and a chilled out night, but we wanted the room to look great and guests to feel comfortable. I spent the next day at home, making things and packing boxes with table decorations and room decor, complete with instructions for the staff.

we set twig in pots , sprayed white snd hung ‘alice in wonderland signs on them’

We went to the venue to pay the bill and take everything down.. Another job off the list.

Knowing we would be arriving home from late on Friday I knew I needed to have everything ready. So the last few days were spent tidying the house, confirming and booking hair and make up, buying party clothes and hanging then ready. I even order the shopping to arrive late Friday night, with the cakes for decorating and items for breakfast for any guests staying over! 

As our holiday drew closer I found myself starting the packing onSaturday  night as we were setting off Sunday lunch time! Talk about last minute…it does freak everyone else out but we travel all over in the summer and if I have learned one thing, it’s you really don’t need to spend weeks and months planning trips!  

On Sunday we took delivery of my mum and Lizzie ( graces friend) and set off on two cars to Manchester. When we arrived at the hotel it became apparent that the hotel we had booked wasn’t the one we thought it was and it was a bit of a disappointment. No swimming pool or fancy restaurant but a 1960’s throw back with tired decor! But it was clean and tidy and offered parking while we went on holiday.

As we arrived so did the in-laws, as we were in my husbands home town they came over to see us. A quick drink turned into quite a few and at 9pm I realised I had to check in on-line, bath the kids and get settled down.. With mr O still happily drinking I was left to sort everyone out.

Talk about stress! There was no wifi in the room so I had to sit down stairs in the lobby, but the website for checking in was so stupid and kept asking me for information I didn’t have, I must have gone up and down that lift ten times! Eventually I sorted it and we were checked in on line.. But the kids information was all wrong as the slide down menu for their age only went to 1999 !?! So I had to make them older than they were and of course the worries about it all night! I had no sleep what so  ever! 

While I was sat in the lobby of the hotel, this Chinese man came over with his phone, he was, I think, asking me to help him out the password into his phone for the wifi. But because his phone was all in Chinese I really couldn’t help him. But as I handed his phone back he gave me a little bow his stomach made this hideous bubbling noise and he left me with a huge and disgusting smell! After the stress and frustration of trying to fill in a form with crap wifi, hold a toddler near me and try get sense out of a husband who’d been drinking all day.. It was really the icing on the cake! 

Morning came and we were picked up and taken to the airport. After all my worry about checking in on line it turned out they needed to check us in anyway as there was so many of us! 

We had an easy flight and transfer to our apartment  which was absolutely lovely. Totally shabby chic or clean scruffy! It was great tho and we were in a lively village area not far from the Pompidou. 

We had a lovely week traipsing around Paris, it’s always hard when you are a big group, to keep everyone happy. It’s even harder to lead that group when no one wants to take the lead but still has opinions what and where they want to go! But we did it and had fun, we had lots of belly laughs and as always I got to visit my favourite art works. 

Seeing the art work of my studies is like visiting old friends. Every artist has a movement that inspired and moved them and mine was the impressionist and post impressionist movement. I feel like I was there, gallivanting around monmatre and enjoying an exciting life of creative Adventure. 

So seeing money’s water lilies, and visiting Picasso , Manet, Renoir and the rest of the boys makes me super happy! Always shedding a tear when I visit monets bronze ballet dancing girl! I totally love her! I always say to myself how id love to go by myself one time and just sit with the paintings.. When you are with non artists or artist with other inspiration you are always slightly rushed through! 

We drank red wine in front of the ‘big tower’ as kitty called it, visited Sacre Cour , rode the train around monmatre and had various other site seeing and adventures! 

While we were there it was kitty’s birthday! 3 years old! We took her to Disneyland  and she had a ball! Besides missing the last tube home we had a great day! 

We returned home Friday and an easy flight and journey arrived us back for around 7pm… But no rest for the wicked! Libby had arrived home from Budapest the day before and along with our mess  I was faced with copious amounts of washing up, clothes  and cases. As it was the big birthday party the day after I took all the cases and clothes up to our room and left it there! They stayed that way for four days! 
My previous week of organising was already paying off as the shopping arrived on schedule.  I’d bought frozen sponge cakes! It’s a new concept but perfect for what I needed! They were posh cakes from a great baker, but ocado had frozen then.. So as they defrosted over night ready for decorating in the morning, I was able to feed the troups, bath and shower them all and fall into bed ready for a busy day.

The day of the party was a blur, poor Libby was booked in for her hair doing in the morning but work had called her in and weren’t budging an inch. So while she was out I decorated the now defrosted cakes, finished the table settings and took everything down to the golf club.

We had a lovely surprise to find the staff had already set up the tables and decorated the room with the stuff we’d taken down.. They’d done a great job! We added the centre decoration and scattered glow sticks and sweets everywhere. We then had to set up the lap top and the projector.

We had created a lovely video for Libby with pictures and a lip sinc video of all her friends and family miming to queens bohemian rapsody! It had taken hours and hours of work collecting and putting together the clips everyone sent, I was still doing it the night before we got back from Paris! But it was done and was totally fab..! We set it up and watched the presentation together that afternoon and for the first time I ACTUALLY watched it, as a viewer and not as the maker. I had a little cry as I saw Libby grown up through photos before me and enjoyed the knowledge that so many folks had given their time to the video too. Emotional! We got home, room all ready, and after a shower and quick tidy up the make up lady arrived and started work on grace. I had been persuaded to have mine done too and as a none make up lady.. I was nervous! She worked her magic and I looked like a girl! It was weird… Libby hadn’t arrived back as she had finished me so she did a little blush and lippy on Kitty who was thrilled to bits! 

When Libby arrived back from work she rushed in and sat down for her turn.. She glanced at me and said ” wow mummy you look fit!” I guess it was a compliment!

We went down to the golf club and Matt and Denzil were already there setting up the sound gear ready for the disco. We got some drinks in and waiting for the guests. 

What a magical night, we had live music, the video, singing and dancing! It was very lively and most importantly Libby had a great time! It was so lovely to have so many of our family and friends in one place! Just great! Even William hit the dance floor! He totally rocked out! Denzil caught this great pic of him! 

We eventually arrived home and at 5am everyone was in bed! Breakfast was great, hungover mates chilling out and eating bacon, drinking coffee and nibbling on pastries! It’s my favourite part of a party.. The debriefing and chatting in a hungover haze. 

As folks left and new visitors arrived we stumbled through the day, by 6pm we were alone and sat in front of the tv watching crap and eating cake…. It wasn’t a late night! 

Monday came and I had to go in to town to pick up banners and ribbons for Libby’s birthday which was the day after. We had arranged  to give her a car. It was over in Manchester at Keiths brothers house. Keith had planned on giving her the key and getting the car some other time, but it wasn’t exactly the best surprise! I had visions of her opening the key and running out to an empty drive. 

So with some plannjng, I insured keith on the car for the day and persuaded Matt to take keith half way over where Neil met them and took keith the rest of the way. He picked up the car and brought it home, parked infront of the house.. Libby didn’t notice as she arrived home. 

So after another busy day we fell into bed once more! Morning came and I snuck outside to decorate the car. I was so proud we could give this gift! As Libby opened her cards she came to the silver box! It’s a very good job we did bring it over as she screamed and ran straight outside to look at it! It was magic! 

Libby went out with her boyfriend and we planned on going for tea, but I’d picked up a bug and ended up staying in bed while the rest of them went out. She finished her day in Leeds drinking cocktails a happy young adult! 

She and kitty enjoyed their cakes ( kitty hadn’t been sung to on her day so she shared the moment with her big sis) 

Wednesday came and I had to check my emails at last! I found the confirmation for a one day event on the 3rd September so spent the next few day planning and booking folks for that. As well as unpacking from Paris and getting the washing and house sorted.. My days were pretty much full! 

Thursday hit us before we know it and the girls and their friends were going to Leeds festival. Grace at 16 was doing her first festival without us. With two of her friends she excitedly packed and along with Libby ( who was meeting friend there) climbed in the van for a lift. As we arrived the heavens opened! I mean TOTALLY opened. I left them in the pouring rain, water running off the ends of their noses! But they are festival savvy and know the score! I wasn’t worried. We arrived home , ordered fish and chips and watched a film! You can read my post about drug taking at Leeds in my post ‘is drug taking safer at festivals’ 

Friday came the next day and we attended the funeral of a very special young man. Jacob had died suddenly in a bike crash and at 21 we were all feeling a great sense of loss. You can read about him and the funeral in my post ‘losing an angel’ 

We arrived home late from the funeral on Friday night and fueled with a draining sense of exhaustion we collapsed in from of the TV, thinking about our own family and counting our blessings X

Saturday was heaven! For the first time since February , that’s seven months since, we had nothing to do on the weekend.. We did nothing! We watched three films! By 8pm though I wAs climbing the walls.  Mr O played his records on his vintage player while I made Pom poms with the kids! 

Sunday allowed for a lie in , after resting all Saturday we cleared the new downstairs toilet from all the decorating stuff, tools and parts we had for extension. Keith fixed on the doors and I put everything away in the sheds and cleaned the kitchen! It made a big difference clearing away stuff we’ve been struggling to store for months! 

Bank holiday Monday was all about picking the girls up from Leeds and feeding them and unpacking . I managed to get in the garden too and cut back the months of summer growth and mess that comes with a summer on the road. I was happily tired and feeling fulfilled! 

Tuesday was an admin morning! Keith back at work and  I have had a security issue with my bank and payments I’d made had been held… So I woke up to six or so crew asking kindly where their money was. VERY STRESSFUL. I’m still trying to sort it and it’s fine just taking time! I also hit the lap top and sorted the gig for the weekend. 

The afternoon was filled with a trip to Leeds with Grace! She had to enrol on her course and needed someone to help show her which train and where to go. She was so very nervous but got through it. It’s exciting times for her. New city, new course, new friends! I’m kind of jealous …. The smell of oil paint and adventure was in the air! As we arrived home on the train keith picked us up , we dropped the kids off before dashing off to wicks to buy stuff ready for the builder! 

waiting for the train to o Leeds. Grace was ‘practising’

Wednesday brought the builders, who finished the steps to the house and did a few bits of finishing off. They also sunk the posts for the new fence which didn’t go well with our neighbour.. But that’s another blog! Having the steps finished made us really feel like we were getting somewhere and started looking forward to finishing the inside this Autumn.

That brings me to Wednesday! I spent the day in Wakefield with the kids, my mum and keith. It was mums birthday on Tuesday and is not been able to make it because of graces induction. So we treated her to lunch before going shopping for Williams high school uniform! That boy really doesn’t give a shit what he looks like! We literally dragged him around forcing him to try on and show preference in anything… High school will be a shock! 

playing in the fountain in Wakefield while we waited for Grandma
birthday lunch for grandma

So as we returned, Libby came in, sad and dissolutioned as she had said goodbye to her beau for three months! He’s gone to Australia to meet his birth father and obviously Libby is heart broken. We hope she uses the opportunity to find herself and explore her options… But her heart hurts too much today to think so far ahead! Ah to be 18 again! 

We spent the night doing our own thing, I finished designing a treasure hunt for the gig this weekend and decorated the old Silvercross pram for my little show and activities. ‘Mrs O’s magical Prambulator’ is in development and hopefully will become a walkabout theatre peice by next year. 

Keith slobbed out and watched some football, William gamed, grace snap chatted, kitty played play doh and Libby cried a lot! It was like a normal household! 

Friday we went to Derbyshire to run a day VIP gig which was fun.. The site was themed and just a lovely version of ‘adventure island’ with clients getting tokens for food and drink and all the activities and rides free, we didn’t need to spend a penny.


Our space was lovely and we provided crafts an theatre… It went down really well ! 

The crew worked hard and we smashed it but the fun came later when we were given lots of left over booze from the bars and cocktail bars as well as cakes and food. We sat in our space in an empty arena watch the fireworks in the opposite field. We had a real laugh and it ended the season off brilliantly! 

​​We just got home via picking up a tool box for graces college equipment! She starts tomorrow and William starts tueaday. So it’s all new  adventures for them! 

I’m having September off! I’m keeping my head down and preparing for hibernation !