The Christmas morning police have arrived!  A guide for parents! 

So Christmas morning is no rush! We go to the bathroom, feed the cats, make brews and even tune in the radio… anything will do.. as parents it’s our duty to be downright difficult and slow on Christmas morning! 


If you are new to the ‘parenting at Christmas’ thing then feel free to introduce these rules for the kids! 

The Christmas morning police have arrived!!!! …..

So here are ……

The O’Brien Family guidelines to children on Christmas Morning

1) You can open stockings in your beds or with each other ( do not feel the need to wake us) 

2) Do not wake us till at least 7.30am

3) we WILL make you wait before we go downstairs. Be prepared to be told to go away a minimum of six times .

4) Daddy will always go to the bathroom and keep you waiting in the kitchen listening for the toilet to flush. Mummy will make a brew, feed the cats and phone grandma before allowing you to enter the living room.

5) We will NOT enter the living room until we are ALL together and ALL have a brew in our hands.

6) Gifts (if Father Christmas brings any) will be in ordered piles, you must find your pile and wait instruction to proceed.

7) You must check the tray we left out for Santa before proceeding with any gift opening.

8) on receiving a gift…Always read the card and not just in your head.. we want to know what you received and from who too. 

9) Put wrapping paper in the bin bag provided by your gifts. 

10)Pile opened gifts neatly in your given area. You will be asked throughout the day to tidy up and return things to this pile.

Advice to parents after the opening

So what happens when they’ve done? It’s all unwrapped and they are quietly and happily playing with their ‘stuff’ 

Well my advice is to follow our lead, we will slope off to the kitchen, make brews and toast and bugger off back to bed till they’ve noticed we’ve gone! 

After all you are gonna be busy all day.. you need and deserve to gain some strength ! And.. it’s the only time in the whole year they don’t disturb you for a good few hours! Unless of course they need batteries.. or something taking out of a box, or instructions reading.. or a screw driver to open a battery pack.. my advice? …. create a little bag with a screw driver, various batteries, your reading glasses and chocolate.. this way they come to you and you don’t need to move..,

 the chocolates?…. are for breakfast! … it is Christmas!
Enjoy xxxx 

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