Packing, ordering and preparing to make life easy?

You know when you have a good idea and when you actually start to implement it the realisation dawns on you that it really wasn’t a good idea at all?  yeah well that is my life right now…

So we have our week in Norway booked for next week. we go on Wednesday and spend a week there. We do have some work to do while we are there but after the first few days we can relax and simply play in the snow and have some fun.

Anyway I decided that it would be the best idea in the world to get a couple of big messy jobs done on the house while we were away.. you know we could come back after our holidays and walk into the most lovely of finished jobs and wouldn’t be stressed or worried about it while it was happening….  The realisation is we will walk in to two lovely rooms but a whole load of mess everywhere else!

This all sound great doesn’t it but the realisation has hit home that I still have to prepare for the builders, ~I have to empty the largest room in the house into the smallest room of the house and I have to take delivery of showers, toilets, shower panels, flooring and other such items. All this as well as pack for the holiday and make sure the second daughter has all the food and money she’s needs to stay home alone.

Not only are we doing the bathroom we are having the family room, kitchen, bathroom and boot room re-floored, we’ve been waiting for ages to get this done and putting it off because its open plan and takes up 3/4’s of the entire downstairs.

Thankfully the floor man is up for moving the furniture about for us but I still need to empty all our personal affects out.. which included all our shoes/ coats and bags from the boot room… there are 6 of us.. thats a lots of coats and crap!!

I currently have a shower cabin in my conservatory and a box of taps and wall lights, but if you think thats bad we have an entire bathroom arriving on Saturday morning, 6 huge shower panels on Monday and 30 packs of real wood flooring on Monday.. I cant even face thinking about it!!!

Im going to be so thrilled to leave the house on Tuesday next week.. let hope we haven’t filed for divorce by then, because as always Mr O really hasn’t given this all much thought and doesn’t quite realise how much of his weekend will descend into chaos.

wish me luck!





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