Volunteers of Change.

I was thinking a lot about what and why people gather from all over the country to give their time to the public at festvials. I asked myself why I did it and looked back at conversations I had had with other about the same. Its all about sharing skills and knowledge for me as well as providing safe spaces to explore in.

I wrote a little poem.. I am not a poet by any stretch of the imagination but I was really drawn to write this.. its a bit pretentious and probably poetry natzi’s out there will tell me how it doesn’t flow or something.. but its mine and here it is..

Volunteers of Change

As the

Edit summer sun shines day and night,
and the the darkness of winter gives away to light.
An awakening of life and the break through of the green,
The start of a gathering can be begin to be seen.

The gentle breeze of a creative air,
Of so much energy it feels so rare.
In all the corners of the isle,
people busy their creative style.

Designing, packing and making plans,
Packing food, shelter, clothes and pots and pans,
– to up and leave their normal life’s demands
to create new, alternative and transient lands

Lands of music, arts and the need to be free
– of causes and speech and the ability just to be.
People of the new dawn of reality,
of love and light and strong morality.

Arrive on mass they all come one day,
knowing the change they will make during their stay.
To send a message to to masses;
teach, share and making life across classes.


To make housing and shelter across the fields,
using all they can to make their shields
– from the blazing sun and driving rains
and howling wind down man made green lanes.

They build their land to share with synergy,
for the pilgrims who come with ahunger for energy,
to combine the gifts of land and earth
with the need to share love, need and worth.

They come in droves, the folks who need,
on the fruits of the settlers desperate to feed.
They settle in the new man made village
to share the space that is their privilege.

The sharing of the music, arts and theatre,
to hear the voice of the loudest of speaker.
Celebrate life and come together
draw strength in the land, the space and in each other.

Learning and spreading their wings their own way
learning to be free to sing and to say
their hopes, their dream without fear of oppression
grasping their life to start the transgression.


The end comes too soon but the journey begins
as the fledgling community out spreads its wings
taking away its new inspiration
to the world that is hungry for a new destination.