Taking advantage of suffering and fear

Talking about food poverty. We had an experience that brought it home to us this week. So we’ve mot been able to leave the house for coking up to theee week.. quite teen and the another week of quarantine. Fit two weeks we we were fine.. we were well and had online shops due.. no problem. Then I got ill… and it snowed.. then Grace got ill and it snowed some more.. Libby got busy with work and it snowed again…this meant our shopping slot got delayed then cancelled.

Libby couldn’t help usas she was overrun with work, Grace was ill and needed her own shopping so we tried elsewhere..

No supermarkets were delivering because of the snow, there were no slots anyway, prime now had a 72 hour waiting list and we didn’t want to ask anyone we knew to help because we didn’t want to put them at risk. So we had to use Uber eats at the local shop.

We got beans, bread, couple of pot noodles, pasta, milk a few bits to keep us going for two days.. maybe about £25 worth should we have got from the supermarket.. it came to £56 !!!
A third of our normal weekly budget for about 1/6 of our weekly shop!

We are in a luck position to be able to stretch to that but often that’s a full weeks budget!

Is it absolutely necessary for businesses to be profiting for people’s desperation?

My chemist is doing it too.. normally I pick up paracetamol and Ibuprofen when I pick up my prescription.. 36p and 29p respectively.. since March they have been charging £3.49 for each!!! Masks are also available at £20 for 10! Small bottles of detol (normally a pound) ar £6!!!!
It disgusts me! Pharmacists ar one of the industries that are not struggling due to the virus! They are the link for community and are simply just taking advantage of people who are too frightened to shop around at this time.

Anyway that’s it.. rant over.. I don’t need to add a closing point because I thing we all know how obvious it it..

Be kind

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