Morning walk

Woke up at 4.30am and found myself a bit stressed and cooped up. After a week confined to my bedroom quarantined from the family I was totally ready to blow a fuse!!

Decided to get dressed and take a walk.. blow the cobwebs off and all that! I’m sure we’ll see a couple of neighbours asking if anyone saw a woman walking around this morning and how dodgy she looked..

Feeling brighter and now deciding wether to go back to bed.

Keith came back in our bed last night for the first time in three weeks and I’ve learned a few things.

Yes his snoring does keep me awake, he pulls off the bottom sheet and he pinches my pillow.. these were all things I presumed ‘just happened’ (except the snoring) but nope. It’s him! Who’d have known it?

Not sure what to do now.. should I do some housework?

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